Welcome to SOCATOTS!

Socatots is the world’s first pre-school, play based activity programme, specifically designed for children (girls and boys) aged between 6 months and 5 years old. Socatots helps to give your child the best start in life and uniquely, helps you to develop a stronger bond with your child, whilst developing your childs motor skills, movement, speech, numeracy, colour identification, communication and teamwork skills. Plus, every child gets a famous Socatots uniform, learns some basic soccer skills and has a whole load of FUN! All in our safe, non-competative environments with our highly trained coaches.

Socatots is an unique and innovative programme and was developed soon after the world famous Brazilian Soccer Schools by Simon Clifford, Socatots focuses on:

  • ensuring your child has the individual attention they require, working with them to utilise and manage all parts of their bodyequal focus on left and right, providing them with the platform to have the best start in life.
  • providing a non-competitive environment so that regardless of whether your child is the strongest, biggest or fastest in a group, your child can fulfil their individual potential.
  • being fun and fast paced, ensuring that children are kept active throughout the sessions
  • teaching a wide range of skills to help your child improve their agility, balance and coordination in a fun and exciting way.

All sessions use a variety of equipment, including skittles, hoops, bean bags, balance boards and so much more, that has been specially designed for your child to learn soccer skills, numeracy, colour recognition, balance, coordination and social skills.

The footballs we use have been specifically designed by Mitre and are small and less bouncy than standard footballs, ensuring that they are perfect for your child to control and learn new skills.

Children attending the sessions are encouraged to feel part of a team by wearing the famous yellow and blue Socatots kit, while keeping track of their progress in the specially designed skills books that align to the session plans. There are five books to complete, with a certificate awarded each time a book is completed, providing your child with a sense of pride and achievement.

We hope you like the sound of Socatots and look forward to meeting you!